Route 66 with family – The 10 BEST Attractions for Kids Along Mother Road

Best Route 66 family kids attractions. What to see with kids?

Route 66 with family and kids. You may be wondering, “What are best attractions along Route 66 for families with kids?”, “What to see on Route 66 with kids and family?”, “What is a must-see place on Route 66 with kids and family?”. Today I will show you the 10 best places for a great stop on Route 66 with kids.

Route 66, also known as the “Mother Road,” is a historic highway that runs from Chicago to Santa Monica, California. It offers a unique and exciting road trip experience for families with kids. The route is rich in history, culture, and natural beauty, making it a perfect destination for families looking for an adventure.

You can involve your kids in the planning process: Let them help choose Route 66 attractions, and make a list of things they want to do. This will help them feel more excited and invested in the trip. What to visit? This is my list of attractions along Route 66 for families and kids:

1. Rabbit Ranch

GPS: 39.004152, -89.781729
ADDRESS: 39.004152, -89.781729

Rabbit Ranch - The first stop if you are traveling with kids.

Your first stop on Route 66 with kids is this small ranch. The Rabbit Ranch is a popular attraction along Route 66, located in Staunton, Illinois. The ranch is home to a large collection of fiberglass rabbits, which are scattered throughout the property and have become a popular photo opportunity for visitors.

The ranch is also home to a small museum, which features exhibits on the history of Route 66 and the evolution of the fiberglass rabbit sculptures. The Rabbit Ranch was originally built in the 1970s as a truck stop and restaurant, but over the years it has become a popular destination for Route 66 enthusiasts. The fiberglass rabbits were first added as a marketing gimmick, but they quickly became a beloved feature of the ranch. Don’t forget to visit the gift shop and buy some memorabilia from this fun stop.

2. Ted Drewes Frozen Custard Ice Creams

ROUTE 66 : 305 MI / 491 KM St. Louis, MISSOURI
GPS: 38.589442, -90.307658
ADDRESS: 6726 Chippewa St, St. Louis, MO 63109

Best attractions for kids along Route 66. What to see on Mother Road with family members.

Second great stop on Route 66 with your family and kids! Kids love ice creams! Are you ready to buy best ice creams on Route 66? Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is a popular frozen custard stand located in St. Louis, Missouri. The stand is a popular stop for travelers along Route 66 and is known for its rich and creamy frozen custard, which is made on-site daily.

Ted Drewes Frozen Custard is open year-round and offers a wide variety of flavors, including classic vanilla and chocolate, as well as more unique flavors like butter pecan, peppermint, and pumpkin. They also offer sundaes, concretes and shakes, which are made by mixing the frozen custard with various toppings such as hot fudge, caramel, and candy.

3. Meramec Caverns

GPS: 38.241129, -91.092218
ADDRESS: 1135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080

Route 66 attractions for kids - what to see? Best spots for family.

Another great stop on Route 66 for family and kids. Meramec Caverns is a popular tourist attraction located in Stanton, Missouri, along Route 66. The caverns are a series of limestone caves that have been forming for millions of years and are known for their stunning natural beauty and rich history.

The caverns are open year-round and offer a variety of tours that allow visitors to explore the caves and learn about their history and geology. Some of the tours offered include the standard cavern tour, which takes visitors through the main section of the caves, and the wild cave tour, which is a more strenuous and adventurous tour that takes visitors through some of the more remote parts of the caves.

Meramec Caverns also offers a variety of other activities for visitors, such as a gemstone mining sluice, a zip-line adventure, a mini-golf course, and a playground for kids, making it a great family-friendly destination.

4. Branson

GPS: 36.640978, -93.217482
ADDRESS: Branson, MO 65616

Best Route 66 attractions for kids on Route 66! Must-see places for family vacation.

This is not exactly Route 66 attraction, but I hope you and your kids will love it! Just 40 minutes outside of Springfield is the middle-America mecca of Branson. Branson, Missouri is a popular family vacation destination known for its variety of entertainment options and family-friendly activities. Branson has something for everyone and with so many options, it’s a great place for families to make memories and have fun. It’s always a good idea to check for opening times and prices before visiting.

5. Cars On the Route 66

GPS: 37.080346 , -94.638729
ADDRESS: 119 North Main Street, Galena, KS 66739

Cars on Route 66 is the best place to see on Route 66 with kids and family.

Next stop on my list of best attractions on Route 66 for kids. The Real-Life Places Along Route 66 From Disney’s Cars! This is MUST-SEE attraction if you are with kids and family on Route 66! Route 66 was depicted in the 2006 Disney-Pixar animated film Cars and its 2011 sequel Cars 2 as the route that the character Lightning McQueen travels on.

At the north end of Main Street in Galena stands the old Kan-O-Tex service station first opened in 1934. In 2007 the old building was purchased and restored by four local women (Betty Courtney, Melba Rigg, Renee Charles, and Judy Courtney) who shared a vision of renewing interest in Kansas’ small portion of Route 66. Today the station is “Cars on the Route,” an homage to the Pixar movie. This is the best place for kids on Route 66.

6. Blue Whale of Catoosa

GPS: 36.193846, -95.732933
ADDRESS: 2600 U.S. Rte 66, Catoosa, OK 74015

Blue whale is another great family-stop on Route 66. You can spend great time with your kids.

Next stop for Route 66 family travelers! The Blue Whale of Catoosa is a roadside attraction located in Catoosa, Oklahoma, along what was once Route 66. It is a large concrete sculpture of a blue whale that was built in 1972 by Hugh Davis, a local businessman. The whale is around 80 feet long and 15 feet high, and visitors can walk inside and around the sculpture. The attraction was built as a surprise for Davis’ wife, who loved whales.

The Blue Whale has become a popular stop for those traveling along Route 66 and is considered one of the most recognizable landmarks along the historic route. It is also a popular place for picnics and family outings, with picnic tables and a playground nearby. The Blue Whale is open to the public and admission is free.

7. Cadillac Ranch

ROUTE 66 : 1063 MI / 1711 KM AMARILLO, TEXAS
GPS: 35.187229, -101.98707
ADDRESS: 13651 I-40 Frontage Rd, Amarillo, TX 79124

What to visit along Mother Road when you are travelling with kids and family?

Next iconic stop for you and your family along Mother Road. The Cadillac Ranch is a public art installation located in Amarillo, Texas, along the old Route 66. It was created in 1974 by a group of artists known as the Ant Farm, and features a line of ten Cadillacs buried nose-first in the ground. The Cadillacs range in model years from 1949 to 1963, representing a cross-section of the design changes that occurred during that period.

The installation is located on private land, but visitors are allowed to view and even spray paint the cars. It has become a popular destination for those traveling along Route 66, and is considered one of the most iconic landmarks along the historic route.

Check out more of the iconic Route 66 stops in my post: Route 66 – The 25 BEST TOP Stops to Visit – Must-see places! What to see?

8. Wigwam Motel

GPS: 34.902577, -110.168858
ADDRESS: 811 W Hopi Dr, Holbrook, AZ 86025

Route 66 best attractions list. Best stops for family travelers.

Another place to visit on Route 66 when you are traveling with kids. The Wigwam Motel in Holbrook, Arizona, is a historic roadside motel located along the former Route 66. It was built in 1950 and features concrete teepee-shaped structures that were originally intended as a marketing gimmick to attract travelers driving on the new Route 66. Each teepee-shaped cabin has its own bathroom, heating and air conditioning and is furnished with period-style decor.

9. Route 66 Zipline

GPS: 35.251392, -112.187142
ADDRESS: 200 N Grand Canyon Blvd, Williams, AZ 86046

Get ready and check the best spot for fun! Route 66 zipline is a great thing for kids and family.

Welcome to Williams! Also known as the “Gateway to the Grand Canyon,” Williams was the last city on Historic Route 66 to be bypassed by Interstate 40. This city has Wild West soul and style! History buffs can explore more than six blocks of historic buildings and shops bursting with memorabilia. Start your visit here from the Route 66 Zipline that lets seated riders glide over this quaint town on the historic route! Are you ready to take a ride! Tour kids will love that Route 66 attraction!

10. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch

GPS: 34.690342, -117.339629
ADDRESS: 24266 National Trails Hwy, Oro Grande, CA 92368

Best attractions on Route 66 when you are traveling with kids and family.

Last stop on my list “Best Route 66 attractions for family with kids”. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a roadside attraction located in Oro Grande, California, along the old Route 66. It is a collection of bottle trees, which are trees or sculptures made out of bottles, that were created by Elmer Long. Elmer began building bottle trees in the 1990s and has since expanded the collection to include over 350 bottle trees of various shapes and sizes.

The ranch is open to the public and visitors can walk around the property and view the bottle trees, which are decorated with colorful glass bottles of all shapes and sizes. Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch is a unique and colorful attraction that has become a popular stop for those traveling along Route 66.

Overall, Route 66 is a great road trip destination for families with kids. With so many unique and exciting sights and activities to choose from, families are sure to have a memorable and enjoyable experience. It’s a great way to travel and make memories with your kids while learning about American culture and history.

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