Route 66 in Missouri – The TOP 5 BEST Places, Attractions in MO – What to See Along Mother Road in MO?

Best places to visit along Route 66 in Missouri. Must-see places.

What to visit on Route 66 in Missouri? You may be wondering, “What are the best places along Mother Road in Missouri?”, “What are the best attractions to see in Missouri, MO on Route 66?”.

Today I will show you my list of best stops on Route 66 in Missouri. These are my top 5 stops in the order they appear on Mother Road in Missouri, MO, each with name, mileage, detailed description, helpful tidbits, address, and GPS coordinates. Remember that more of them, you can find in my travel guide about Route 66: “Route 66 Travel Guide – 202 Amazing Places”. Are you ready to see my top five choices?

Route 66 - attractions in Missouri.

The portion of Route 66 that runs through Missouri is known for its picturesque small towns, historic sites, and scenic views. It’s worth noting that the original Route 66 has been decommissioned in 1985, now it’s just a historical trail and some of the road might not be drivable.

1. The Gateway Arch

ROUTE 66 : 296 MI / 476 KM St. Louis, MISSOURI
GPS: 38.625001, -90.186761
ADDRESS: 100 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63102

Best stops in Missouri along Route 66. Where to go? What to visit in St. Louis? Many great things to see and do!

Your first “must-see” place in Missouri on your Route 66 journey should be The Gateway Arch. The Gateway Arch is a 630-foot (192 m) monument located in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. It is the tallest monument in the United States and the largest stainless steel structure in the world.

The arch was designed by the Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen and was completed in 1965 as part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial. The arch commemorates the role that St. Louis played as the “Gateway to the West” during the westward expansion of the United States in the 19th century. Visitors can take a tram to the top of the arch for a view of the city and the Mississippi River. The Gateway Arch also includes a Museum of Westward Expansion located beneath the arch.

2. Meramec Caverns

GPS: 38.241129, -91.092218
ADDRESS: 1135 Hwy W, Sullivan, MO 63080

What to see in Missouri on Route 66? Best stops along Mother Road in Missouri. Where to stop and what to visit? List of best places.

Another stop in Missouri on your Mother Road journey. Meramec Caverns is a system of caves located near Stanton, Missouri, United States. The caverns were formed by the erosive action of water on limestone, and they contain a variety of speleothems, including stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstones. The caverns are open to the public for tours, and they have been a popular tourist attraction since the 1930s. The caverns offer a variety of cave tour options, including the “Famous Cave Tour” and the “Wild Cave Tour”, as well as camping, lodging, and other amenities. Route 66 Meramec Caverns attraction is a great stop!

3. Motel Munger Moss

GPS: 37.686334, -92.6398
ADDRESS: 1336 U.S. Rte 66, Lebanon, MO 65536

Must-see places in Missouri, Route 66. Best attractions in MO along Mother Road.

This motel is a must-visit place on Route 66 in Missouri! The Munger Moss Motel is a historic motor court-style motel located in Lebanon, Missouri. It was built in 1946, by a man named Paul Munger and his partner, Earl Moss, during the peak of Route 66 era. The motel was known for its unique and colorful neon signage, which has since been restored, and for its log cabin-style units.

The motel was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2018 and is considered one of the best surviving examples of a “mom and pop” motor court from the Route 66 era. The Munger Moss Motel is still open for business and offers lodging and amenities to travelers. Are you ready for next point on my list “Best places to visit along Route 66 in Missouri?”

If you would like to see more amazing motels along Route 66, be sure to check out my blog post: Route 66 Historic Motels – The 10 BEST TOP Places to Stop Along Mother Road

4. The Historic Gillioz Theatre

GPS: 37.209097, -93.290328
ADDRESS: 325 Park Central E, Springfield, MO 65806

Best stops in the State of Missouri. This is a great part of Route 66.

Next stop on my list “Best attractions in Missouri on Route 66” is Gilloz Theatre. The Gilloz Theatre is a historic theater located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. It was built in 1906 and was designed by the architect John W. Lawrie. The theater was originally called the Gillioz Theatre and it was named for its original owner, Henry Gillioz.

The theater is a fine example of Beaux-Arts architecture and is considered one of the most beautiful theaters in the Midwest. The theater has undergone several renovations throughout its history, and it has been used for a variety of purposes including vaudeville shows, silent films, and live performances. The theater is now a popular venue for live music and theater productions. The Gilloz Theatre is currently closed for renovation and it’s expected to reopen in 2022.

5. 66 Drive-in Theatre

GPS: 37.174373, -94.368899
ADDRESS: 17231 Old 66 Blvd, Carthage, MO 64836

What to see on Route 66 in Missouri. Best stops in Missouri. Check this list and get ready for your journey.

Your last stop in Missouri on Route 66 could be this Drive-in Theatre. The 66 Drive-In Theater is a historic drive-in movie theater located on Route 66 in Carthage, Missouri. It was built in 1949 and is one of the few remaining drive-in theaters from the “Golden Age” of drive-ins in the 1950s. The theater was one of the first drive-ins to open on Route 66, and it has been in continuous operation ever since.

The theater features a large screen and a classic retro atmosphere, and it is a popular destination for families and movie enthusiasts. The theater typically shows double features during the summer months, and it also host special events such as live music and themed nights. The 66 Drive-In Theater is still open and operating today, providing a classic drive-in movie experience I hope you enjoy my post about “Best places/attractions to visit along Route 66 in Missouri”. Have a great trip!

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