Alaska Highway – The 10 BEST TOP Restaurants & Cafes along ALCAN Highway

Top best restaurants along the Alaska Highway

Many people ask me: What are the coolest Restaurants and cafes along the Alaska Highway? What are the best places for dining along the ALCAN Highway? This is a list of my top 10 favorite restaurants and diners along the Alaska Highway, listed in order from Dawson Creek to Delta Junction. Each location includes its name, mileage, a detailed description, helpful tips, address, and GPS coordinates.

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1. Hug a Mug’s Coffee

GPS: 55.758888, -120.229555
ADDRESS: 1012 102 Ave, Dawson Creek, BC V1G 2B8, Canada

Hug a Mug's Coffee - great place for coffee in Dawson Creek, Alaska Highway.

As you prepare to hit the road, be sure to grab a cup of steaming hot coffee to fuel your travels. I recommend stopping by Hug a Mug’s Coffee, where you can indulge in delicious homemade cakes and a warm cup of coffee. The quaint and cozy ambiance of the cafe will make you feel right at home, and their friendly staff is sure to make your visit a pleasant one.

One of the unique features of Hug a Mug’s Coffee is the facade of the building, which is designed to resemble an old trapper’s cabin. The log cabin style adds to the charm of the cafe and transports you back to the early days of Alaska’s pioneering spirit. So, take a break from your journey, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy the cozy atmosphere of Hug a Mug’s Coffee. You won’t regret it!

2. T J’s Country Kitchen

GPS: 56.252724, -120.895310
ADDRESS: 10688 Alder, Fort St John, BC V1J 4J2, Canada

This is my personal list of best restaurants and cafes along the Alaska Highway.

If you’re feeling hungry on your journey along the Alaska Highway, I highly recommend taking a break for lunch at TJ’s Country Kitchen. This cozy family-owned restaurant has been run by the kind and welcoming owner, Teresa, for over a decade.

Their menu features a variety of classic homemade dishes, including soups, pancakes, sandwiches, and desserts. And if you’re an early riser, their breakfast options are not to be missed! The homestyle cooking and warm hospitality at TJ’s will make you feel right at home, as if you’re sitting around the family table.

Whether you’re looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely meal, TJ’s Country Kitchen is the perfect spot to recharge and refuel before continuing your journey. Don’t miss out on this local gem!

3. Triple “G” Hideaway

GPS: 58.804240, -122.721456
ADDRESS: 5751 Old Alaska Hwy, Fort Nelson, BC V0C 1R0, Canada

Great food along the Alaska Highway. Where to eat?

If you’re passing through Fort Nelson and looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, I highly recommend stopping by Triple G Hideaway. This unique spot offers not only an RV park and campground but also a fully licensed family restaurant with a lounge and patio.

As soon as you step inside, you’ll be transported to a western-inspired world, complete with cowboy decor and friendly staff dressed in western attire. You can saddle up at the bar for a cold drink or relax at a table and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

The menu at Triple G Hideaway features scrumptious homemade dishes made with high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty burger or a delicious pasta dish, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot. And with generous portions and reasonable prices, you won’t leave hungry or broke.

So, take a break from your journey and enjoy some delicious food and western hospitality at Triple G Hideaway. You won’t be disappointed!

4. Klondike Rib & Salmon

GPS: 60.720308, -135.052960
ADDRESS: 2116 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2A8, Canada

Klondike Rib & Salmon is a must-see and visit restaurant along the ALCAN highway.

If you’re looking for a taste of the gold rush era in Whitehorse, look no further than the Klondike Rib & Salmon Restaurant. This historic eatery is housed in two of the oldest buildings still in use in the city, and its menu features traditional Northern foods like fresh fish, smoked meats, and wild game meats.

I recently dined at Klondike Rib & Salmon and was blown away by the delicious food and charming atmosphere. The dining room, originally a tent frame bakery called MacMillan’s Bakery, has been beautifully restored and is now a cozy spot to enjoy a meal.

I highly recommend trying the Maple BBQ Salmon Wrap and the Sourdough Bread Pudding – both were absolutely delicious and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. And if you’re a fan of homemade breads and desserts, you won’t be disappointed by the offerings here.

Overall, the Klondike Rib & Salmon Restaurant is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to experience the history and flavors of the North. So, pull up a chair and enjoy a taste of the past at this charming eatery.

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5. Frosty’s Restaurant

GPS: 60.755752, -137.511517
ADDRESS: Mile 1016 Alaska Hwy, Haines Junction, YT Y0B 1L0, Canada

Ice creams at Frosty's Restaurant along the Alaska Highway are a must!

Looking for a delicious treat during your Alaska Highway trip? Be sure to visit Frosty’s Restaurant! Operating since the mid-1980s, this establishment originally started as a small, one-man operation known as Frosty Freeze. Over the years, Frosty’s has grown to become a popular destination, boasting a team of 18 staff members and a menu that includes 14 flavors of hard ice cream, shakes, and banana splits made with real cream. Along with their ice cream offerings, they also serve burgers, sandwiches, and wraps. Keep in mind that Frosty’s is only open during the summer months, from April to September.

6. Village Bakery and Deli

GPS: 60.753219, -137.515338
ADDRESS: 116 Auriol St, Haines Junction, YT Y0B 1L0, Canada

Another great stop for something to eat. Village bakery restaurant along the Alaska Highway.

If you’re looking for a great spot to grab some coffee and cake in Haines Junction, look no further than Village Bakery and Deli! This local favorite has been serving up delicious homemade meals and baked goods since 1989. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, they make everything from scratch daily. In addition to their great food and coffee, Village Bakery and Deli also hosts outdoor music concerts on their patio during the summer months. Don’t miss out on this fantastic spot, but keep in mind that they’re only open from April to September.

7. Buckshot Betty’s Restaurant

GPS: 62.384363, -140.874194
ADDRESS: Mile 1202 Alaska Hwy, Beaver Creek, YT Y0B 1A0, Canada

Stop and eat at Buckshot Betty's Restaurant.

Looking for a place to grab a bite? Buckshot Betty’s Restaurant is a must-visit. Their homemade food is excellent and reasonably priced, and you can choose from a variety of dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The restaurant’s pioneer decor adds to the charm, and you can browse their gift shop for souvenirs or essential items. For those staying at Beaver Creek, Buckshot Betty’s also provides accommodations, and private parking is available free of charge. Plus, all units come equipped with a flat-screen TV.

8. Fast Eddy’s Restaurant

GPS: 63.334451, -142.957328
ADDRESS: Darlene Rd, Tok, AK 99780, United States

List of best restaurants and cafes on the Alaska Highway.

If you’re on the lookout for an authentic Tok dining experience, look no further than Fast Eddy’s Restaurant. They have an extensive menu that includes everything from pizza to seafood, and their food is sure to satisfy. Locals and travelers alike rave about their delicious pizza. It’s the perfect spot to grab a bite after crossing the US/Canada border. Don’t miss out on this gem of a restaurant – stop by and treat yourself today!

9. Buffalo Center Drive-In

GPS: 64.035049, -145.731030
ADDRESS: 265 Richardson Hwy, Delta Junction, AK 99731, United States

Where to stop and eat along the Alaska Highway?

Looking for a nostalgic dining experience? Buffalo Center Drive-In is the perfect spot. This seasonal eatery features car hops who will come to your vehicle to take your order. You can enjoy your food in the comfort of your car or at one of their outdoor picnic tables. The menu offers a variety of tasty items, including chicken sandwiches, halibut, hot dogs, and buffalo burgers. And make sure to save room for their delicious ice cream! Be sure to try one of their famous caramel milkshakes. With excellent service and friendly staff, you won’t regret stopping by.

10. Higher Grounds

GPS: 64.035835, -145.733269
ADDRESS: 1120 Clearwater Rd 960, Delta Junction, AK 99737, United States

Best Alaska Highway restaurants and cafes.

Craving a delicious cup of coffee and a tasty breakfast sandwich? Look no further than Higher Grounds in Delta Junction. Their drive-thru offers a wide selection of specialty coffee drinks with delicious syrups, chocolate, and other toppings. Try one of their signature drinks like the Marilyn Monroe, Tiger Tail, Milky Way, or Nutty Irishman. And be sure to grab a freshly baked bagel sandwich to go along with it. If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by Higher Grounds for a delicious start to your day.

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